The Team


Nate Pruszinske

Hey there! I'm Nate and I am the founder of FLTR Glasses! Wanting to bring a unique and fresh idea to reality, I began designing  sunglass lenses in 2014, and have worked to turn my idea into a business - sharing my idea around the world! I've loved traveling and seeing the world, which has had a huge impact on both my life and my business. I bring my FLTRs with me everywhere I go, and love sharing the experience with fellow travelers! 


Mike Pruszinske

Hey! I'm Mike, Nate's older brother and proud member of the FLTR team! Being involved in the early stages of FLTR Glasses, I've seen the growth and progression of the design and prototypes, and am stoked to see how far they've come! Along the way I've helped with sales, business data, legal review, and administration, and am excited to see the business continue to grow!

I love FLTRs because they bring a unique, refreshing perspective to the typical, boring lenses found on most sunglasses today. Especially where I live in Seattle, after the months of gray and rain, the last thing I want is a dark, desaturating lens when the sun’s out. Whether I’m hiking in the mountains, seeing my favorite artist at a music festival, or just driving to work, FLTRs bring the good vibes.


Kawena Bautista

Aloha! My name is Kawena, and I graduated from University of Hawaii in Business Marketing. Naturally, I was excited to test and experience the first multi-gradient sunglasses, and to this day, I am still stoked on sharing and spreading the message. Living in Hawaii, I don’t want typical sunglasses that desaturate the beautiful environment, instead, with the help of FLTR’s, I feel like I am not compromising Hawaii’s natural beauty for eye protection,getting the best of both worlds!


Mia Harrie

Hey there! My name is Mia and I met Nate while I was the President of the Hawaii Student Entrepreneurs organization at the University of Hawaii, Manoa! Working with FLTRs got me so excited as I knew these glasses were something unique and out of this world, and was honored to join the team! I'm China born, Oregon raised, and Hawaii living, and am experienced in growing product-based business, helping out anywhere I can! I love switching between FLTRs day by day, but especially love Aloha as it makes Hawaii look even more stunning! 


Shannon Krakover

Hey you! I’m Shannon and began working with FLTRs as an internship opportunity. As the business started to progress and new ideas continued to transpire, I became an official FLTR team member! It’s been an honor to work with people that are motivated and care enough to get these awesome sunglasses out into the world.

My favorite part about FLTR is that we have a different approach to the overall experience with our product. FLTRs provide a fun, color-enhancing view to your everyday walk or any outdoor adventure, while also remaining comfortable and gentle to your eyes. I like my round-frame Lago pair the best because it gives a blue tint to such a bright sun when living out here in Hawaii; and it makes the ocean even more beautiful to look at than it already is!


Mason Mellott

Hi I'm Mason! My role has been to run our social media and to be a general aid in pretty much any other aspect of the company that is needed! Watching FLTRs grow has been remarkable, and I believe their journey has helped to create the amazing product they are today! I love FLTRs because they allow me to see the world in fun, interesting new ways. I don't have a favorite lens, because it's constantly changing every day! I can’t wait to see what the future has in store FLTR Glasses!