Lago FLTR Glasses

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Inspired by Lake Lago Maggiore in Italy, Lago's cool and refreshing filter brings an exciting look that makes your perspective pop! These lenses are made using double blue gradients with a light center to complement the outdoors in a new and refreshing way. The blue vignette shades the sky and glare before you, leaving the center lighter for improved color and contrast, creating a glowing quality similar to popular photo filters.

Our frames are incredibly comfortable, durable, and lightweight. Made with a mixture of metal and TR90, a Swiss produced plastic, we wanted to be sure our lenses are packaged in a high-quality frame that outperforms the tests of the outdoors, and that looks great on everyone!

Also available in our Hawaii-inspired Aloha lens and amber-tinted Resol lens.


  • Your Pair of FLTRs
  • Official FLTR carrying case
  • FLTR microfiber cleaning cloth

Choose your frame:

  • Round - TR90 frames in matte black with metal arms
  • Square - TR90 frames in matte black