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Meet our FLTRs

We didn't want to create glasses that just darkened your view, like typical sunglasses. Living in Hawai'i, we wanted to create something to wear that was fun and enhancing to the natural colors of the outdoors! FLTRs are made using a unique multi-gradient, that shades upper and lower parts of your view, leaving the center to allow your focus to "pop"!

The idea for FLTRs originated from the concept behind Instagram and the many filters used to aesthetically enhance your favorite photos. You can read more about how FLTRs were designed in our blog!



These lenses are made using double blue gradients with a light center to compliment the outdoors in a new and refreshing way.

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The filter that captures the essence of vintage film and turns it into a wearable masterpiece!

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OUR MOST POPULAR. Inspired by the vibrant colors of Hawaii, this unique filtered lens is blue on top, and gradually fades down to a soft amber, creating an exciting and colorful perspective!

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"I received the round Lago FLTRs from a friend for Christmas and so far have been really pleased with them. The filtered lenses really do make the scenery pop, especially at the beach. I took my FLTRs to the coast for the first time last weekend and was stunned by how amazing the blue hues made the ocean look---I felt like I was in the Mediterranean rather on the gray Northern California coast. The frames did seem delicate to me, but they hold up extremely well and the lenses didn't scratch when I had them in the sand. I think you could go surfing or biking or do other vigorous outdoor activities with these and not worry about hurting them. For the price point, I'd say these glasses are a great deal. I'm going to Thailand in a few months and cannot wait to use my FLTRs there!"

Jacqueline K.

Nate and the whole team at FLTR glasses are great! They make an amazing product that is both trendy and great quality. I purchases the Lago pair and wear them as much as possible. Whether on the beach of Florida, or a bland sunny day in Minnesota, they add some fantastic color to really make you feel an overall more vibrate atmosphere. I highly recommend these glasses for everyone no matter where you live!

Layton L.


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