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FLTR Seeks to Bring Unique Filtered Sunglasses to Mainstream Markets


Honolulu---- FLTR, the sunglasses startup that has been making waves in Hawaii for its unique filtered lenses, is preparing to expand into more retail-based markets around Hawaii and beyond. Currently, its sales have been primarily online and at entrepreneurial events and expos. 

FLTRs stand apart in the sunglasses market for their multi-gradient lenses. The lenses are meant to mimic filters available on social media platforms like Instagram, changing the world from flat, muted colors to crisp, bright ones.  “The lenses are the focus,” says Nate Pruszinske, the founder FLTR. “I wanted to make sunglasses that enhanced the world, and made it more fun and exciting.” 

But though the lenses are what immediately make FLTRs stand apart, the frames are stand-alone in their excellence as well. The plastic frames and metal arms make for a pair of sunglasses durable enough to take anywhere, yet comfortable and lightweight when worn. 

Nate Pruszinske, who is the recent college graduate and world traveler who founded the startup, graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering, but also loves the creative side of his brain, and the two passions melded when he started designing his filtered lenses in 2014. 

FLTR is run by a vibrant and enthusiastic group of recent college grads (5 attended the University of Hawaii Manoa). The group’s diverse backgrounds have helped the company thrive, and they live in California, Florida, Hawaii, and Seattle, helping to spread the fun of FLTRs from coast to coast. 

FLTR may be a young company, but this is a brand to watch out for, as these lenses bring something to the table that most sunglasses do not. “These sunglasses don’t just darken your view, they filter it,” says Pruszinske. The focus on sunglasses has been just sun protection for so long that not much focus has been put on how the view is through the lenses, and FLTRs solve this by keeping the sun protection aspects while actually enhancing the viewing experience. FLTR is to be taken seriously in the sunglasses sphere---the company’s goal is to be known as a quality product in the same markets as Oakley and Ray-Ban, but with more focus on a great view than other brands provide. 

FLTRs currently come with three lense options and two style options. The styles come in a classic square frame or a more vintage round frame, and the lense styles are Aloha, Resol, and Lago. 

Aloha is inspired by Hawaii, and features a bright blue on the top of the lense to make skies pop, and shifts to a rich amber to make the earth more vivid. These are perfect for the beach, hikes, or anywhere that you can take in the beauty of nature.

Resol, as described on, “captures the essence of vintage film and turns it into a wearable masterpiece.” The upper and lower gradients feature a gorgeous amber color with a lighter center, making you feel like you’re in a Katherine Hepburn film wherever you go. 

Lago features upper and lower blue gradients with a light center, which can really will change the way you snowboard, surf, or do any sort of outdoor activity, providing a cool, refreshing new view of the world. 

FLTRs are here to shake up the sunglasses game, and the team is in no way done innovating. FLTR is currently developing new frames and lenses to expand its product line, so make sure to get your hands on a pair, either online at or in upcoming retail stores. You can also follow FLTR on instagram or Facebook,  @FLTRglasses which features  more than 100 posts showing how you can be seeing the world in its best light. 


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