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FLTR's unique lenses are what really set FLTR apart from regular sunglasses, which are typically dull, monotone, and desaturating to your view. FLTR's patent-pending double-gradients lenses shade your upper and lower view, brightening your center focus and enhancing color and contrast like nothing you've ever seen before! Instead of just darkening your view with regular sunglasses tones, you can choose between our three filtered lenses - Aloha, Resol, and Lago. FLTRs also use the latest protective vision technology, preventing 99-100% of the sun's harmful radiation (UVA and UVB rays) from impacting and damaging your eyes! So not only are you enhancing your view, you're protecting your eyes!

Aloha is the vivid multi-colored filter that will make the skies bluer and the earth exceptionally vivid! Inspired by the vibrant colors of Hawaii, this unique filtered lens is blue on top, and gradually fades down to a soft amber, creating an exciting and colorful perspective! Made to enhance the natural colors of the outdoors, this filter intensifies your view, no matter the weather, even if the sun’s not shining!

Resol is a filter that captures the essence of vintage film and turns it into a wearable masterpiece! With upper and lower amber gradients and a warm golden center, you can experience the golden glow everywhere you turn your head! This truly one-of-a-kind amber and gold lens is shockingly beautiful and comfortable on the eyes. Resol vividly enhances your perspective no matter where you go. or what you're doing!

Lago is a cool and refreshing filter, bringing an exciting look that makes your perspective pop! Named after Lago Maggiore, the beautiful blue lake located in Northern Italy, the double blue gradients and light center compliment the outdoors in a new and refreshing way. The blue vignette shades the sky and glare before you, leaving the center lighter for improved color and contrast, creating a glowing quality similar to popular photo filters.

Our signature frames are incredibly comfortable, durable, and lightweight! Made with TR90, a Swiss produced plastic, we wanted to be sure our filtered lenses are packaged in a high quality frame that outperforms the tests of the outdoors, and that looks great on everyone! We are currently offering our three lenses in our signature matte-black Round and Square frames. With comfortable and lightweight frames, you can take your FLTRs anywhere!

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